July 16th – 9am to 1pmish

Parking Meter Party in the Byward Market!
York Street between Sussex and William St

all it takes is a fist full of quarters and a bicycle….

The plan:

Roll onto York Street in the morning when the parking spots aren’t all
yet taken, and park. One vehicle per spot as per regulations.

Feed the meter then park yourself in a lawn chair with a cooler, music,
astroturf, carpet, whatever. Done “en-mass” we’ll effectively (and very
legally) transform a “place for cars” into a “place for people”. We’ll
stick to posted time limits & rotate every two hours to a different spot!

We’ll have lemonade, homemade treats and copies of the parking
regulations for anyone who happens by!


my love and i got married.

not only do i feel all those things that friends told me i’d feel, “it just feels right”, “you just know” and various vagaries meant to pinpoint your soulmate, it was also freaky good timing. June 10 – the 2nd anniversary of same-sex marriages becoming legal in Ontario – was the first available time for our kinda-last-minute civil ceremony.