vanilla ice cream


….or as we call it around our house “ass cream”.

My fave flavour has always been vanilla. No bells and whistles to distract from the creamy mouth-feel of sweet lickery goodness. When ice cream is in question I am a purist – cream, milk, sugar, egg yolks & vanilla. That’s all. Chunks of coagulated cookie dough, waxy chips of chocolate, ribbons of syrupy fudge or frozen nut hunks can easily cover up a sub-par product.

Lois & Frimas has a vanilla that deserves only to be languidly licked from a cone. No chintzy paper cup and plastic spoon. Order a waffle cone if you are a size queen like me. Stand or sit still, don’t continue on to your next errand, read or distract yourself – that would be like answering a cell phone call on a first date. Start with the drippy parts first. Slowly draw your tongue across the almost-melted surface, lapping up sliding richness and cool tingles. Always lick spiralling upwards to draw the liquifying goodness away from the cone – you want it to remain firm and crispy until the end. Swirl, circle and slurp until the icy confection has been consumed. You could toss the edible container without much bad Karma, but I suggest you nibble the cone until your hand is free.


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