childish things


being a kid came with it’s own set of perks. the things i miss most about being a child are:

  • my lunch box.
  • i had this stamped tin lunchbox from Disney World. precious lunch treats fit so neatly inside. i made my own sandwiches starting in Grade 5. stacked high like dagwoods with the tomato kept separate until noon to prevent soggy bread.

  • summer camp.
  • being sent away for a week of frolicking is the kid equivalent of a cruise – the food just isn’t as good. mandatory CPR training aside it was a blissful whirlwind of games, campfires, crafts, swimming and an intense day long capture the flag tournament. i even had spending money to could buy a Big Turk bar at the tuck shop every day!

  • comfort food.
  • oblivious to trans fats, polyunsaturated oils or cholesterol i devoured the comfort foods of my childhood with gusto. macaroni & cheese with tomato, french onion soup, fried danish (i blame my dad), scalloped potatoes, grilled cheese…..

  • flashlights.
  • my sister and I could get hours of entertainment out of a flashlight. we’d wave it back and forth really fast to produce a “strobe light” effect and each take turns dancing, jumping around and just making a spectacle of ourselves.

  • the pink velour hoodie.
  • a daylong hug packaged in pink, white and burgundy stripes. so soft and comfortable was that shirt that we had to be forcibly separated.


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