On a rainy, icy morning when I need it most – our William Shatner album is all wrong. The Shat’s vocals sound a million miles away while his background singers and instruments come in at normal volume. Kirk, why have you forsaken me?

“Has Been” has long been played on our living room pc. We ripped the album onto the hard drive for easier access. I guess the file must be self-destructing in some kind of anti-file sharing hara kiri? But why today? And, after all these months, where is my original CD!?


salad for breakfast


Mom’s in the hospital. We daughters were told not to send flowers. Naturally, at first opportunity I logged onto an internet florist & chose the “Sunny Day” bouquet of Yellow Snapdragons, Carnations, Daisies, Freesia and Solidaster with a spray of Golden Sun Flowers. My daughter insisted on the basket. I know my mom will enjoy these flowers but she still ‘won’t like it’.

Now I’m up at 5am when normally I’d be snoozing for another couple hours. Luckily, this extreme extrovert is enjoying the quiet of a sleeping household. I’ll have leftover salad and boiled eggs on a weekday that would normally see me scarfing down ramen noodles at the office for breakfast.

2 tuesdays ago


I wish this wasn’t bugging me so much. 2 weeks ago my mother told me to stop calling her. There’s alot of background there that maybe I’ll start delving into when I have the time and clarity of thought. But yeah, I’ve been cut off. Pushed away. Snubbed.

Sort of surprising how much this bothers me. I even dreamt about it last night. Weird.