Well actually, like a Grizzly defending her right to raise her cubs as she sees fit according to her own personal circumstances and based on the availability of spawning salmon and wild blueberries.

A recent discussion on childcare quickly derailed when I impetuously posted an emotional vent on Miss Vicky’s blog. Oops. My bad! Turns out there is someone who has read my comments as slagging Stay At Home Parents. I didn’t mean it that way but haven’t had a chance to address this misperception. The conversation on Offhand Remarks has ended. So here goes nothing:

Hi Liss76

I’m very sorry you took my comment personally. I had been a single parent for 8 years and at one point was forced to relocate to Hull to take advantage of the (fantastic) $7 a day daycare policy. I understand you are sensitive to issues around Stay At Home Parents just as I am sensitive to issues around Sole Support Parents.

We’re all just trying to do the best we can for our kids – aren’t we?

I’m concerned that you didn’t feel like you could participate in the discussion. I would have been far more interested in listening to you, as a fellow primary caregiver rather than accept someone who isn’t a child’s primary caregiver telling me I’ve got the right “plumbing” to be a Stay At Home Parent and that I’m only working to “feed the machine”. If you feel like having an actual discussion please feel free to post here on my very neglected blog.