I had these grandiose plans to blog daily about everything I’ve learned from the Chronic Pain Clinic.. . ..aaand that hasn’t happened. Surprise! I’m already on the last of 4 weeks. This is it.

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Bring your instrument to save Hartman's Piano

Bring your musical instruments to City Hall Tonight!!


Outside the Honeywell room.

More info here.

We had 11 people show up with great ideas and skills to share!

Yup. We’re still fighting to save the Hartman’s piano!

Bring Back Hartman’s Piano had a very successful meeting at the Second Cup on the corner of Bank and Somerset. We made the following plans:

#1 Show strong piano support at the next Centretown Citizens Community Association (CCCA) meeting

Tuesday January 19th


Honeywell Room at City Hall

We need every available person at City Hall on Tuesday night. A large group of average citizens will impress the CCCA as well as (we hope) Councilor Diane Holmes. Media will be at the meeting as well. This will be as perfect time to share your views and tell your stories about the piano.

#2 Sign the petition

#3 Call Hartmans and tell them you want the piano back

#4 Come to our next “Bring Back Hartman’s Piano” meeting!

Time, place and other details will be announced at the CCCA meeting

Beet Cake


Vicky made Beet Cake yesterday. It’s a recipe I got from Donna when I was creating my cookbook.

It’s a nice change from carrot cake. Donna adapted from this original recipe.

The bike I used on the recipe pages is from a photo I had of Speed Demon – Rayna’s twice-stolen banana seat bike.



Dimitri Zeidan and I I met Dimitri Zeidan today at the CBC Radio studio. Both of us were waiting to be interviewed on Ottawa Morning. Mr Zeidan is president of the Parish Council of St. Elias Cathedral. He supports the ‘Cedars of Lebanon’ commemorative blades which Ottawa City Council unanimously voted to install on Riverside Drive. I think the blades are a great idea. We Irish-Canadians got a whole bridge! A few square inches of metal ain’t that much to ask to for IMHO.

Eric Czapnik Lane?


The Rehabilitation Centre had a moment of silence at the beginning of Constable Eric Czapnik’s funeral. I teared up at the thought of someone working so hard against many obstacles only to be senselessly murdered.

I wonder if  my wee section of Louisa Street could be called something like ‘Eric Czapnik Lane’?

This makes sense to me.

I live on the section of Louisa Street between Bell and Booth. In this section there is a Polish Catholic Church called St. Hyacinth. Around the corner is Wedel, a store which specializes in Polish food. (Awesome pirogies!) My neighbourhood attracts people of Polish descent and origin from all parts of Ottawa.

I would be honoured to live on Eric Czapnik Lane.

What do you think?

The drawing

I feel like I’ve won the healthcare lottery.

I had one-on-one meetings with a psychologist, a social worker and an occupational therapist today!

We also had a group session on the physiology of pain. I liked Dr Kowal’s drawing 🙂

Instructions for entering the Rehab Gym: Purell hands, grab two towels. When leaving: use foot pedal to dispose of used towels, apply Purell to hands.

In the gymnasium. We have physio every day. Dunno if we’ll ever get to play darts as part of our therapy, though.

The sweet Paint drawing my love made for me.

The white board in Ward A, Rehabilitation Centre, Ottawa Hospital, General campus (people's names blurred out)

Where's "B.A." Baracus?

Blankie warmer

Newbie wheelchair operators are all around

still life

To preserve privacy, I only take pics of inanimate objects and myself.

Hand sanitizer everywhere!

Hospital code handbook

Rehab Café table