Eric Czapnik Lane?


The Rehabilitation Centre had a moment of silence at the beginning of Constable Eric Czapnik’s funeral. I teared up at the thought of someone working so hard against many obstacles only to be senselessly murdered.

I wonder if  my wee section of Louisa Street could be called something like ‘Eric Czapnik Lane’?

This makes sense to me.

I live on the section of Louisa Street between Bell and Booth. In this section there is a Polish Catholic Church called St. Hyacinth. Around the corner is Wedel, a store which specializes in Polish food. (Awesome pirogies!) My neighbourhood attracts people of Polish descent and origin from all parts of Ottawa.

I would be honoured to live on Eric Czapnik Lane.

What do you think?


2 Responses to “Eric Czapnik Lane?”

  1. Donna said

    I like it. . how does one petition the city for such a thing? I’d sign !

  2. Heather said

    It’s a fabulous idea which I would fully support (if I had any say)

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