New installation at Venus Envy


Check out my latest art show at Venus Envy!

I’ve dedicated this installation to the Chronic Pain Team at the Ottawa Hospital Rehabilitation Centre. The show features 6 mixed media paintings that I made years ago but never wanted to show publicly, until now.  In the centre I’ve hung an encaustic painting which was completed only a week  ago – just as I *graduated* from the Chronic Pain Management Group Treatment Program.

Until recently, I had been unable to cope with the ever-changing yet constant pain of fibromyalgia. Being admitted to the pain program was like winning the health care lottery.  For 4 weeks I had access to two physiotherapists, a psychologist, an occupational therapist, a vocational therapist, a recreational therapist, a social worker, a medical specialist, a nurse, a pharmacist and a dietitian! Using a collaborative and holistic approach, this group of professionals were able to train me into new habits which will help me live better. I’ve been back to the “real world” for a week now and can honestly say that the program has changed me and the way I experience pain!

The installation I’ve got up at Venus Envy was partly inspired by an art therapy exercise we were invited to do at the Rehab Clinic. I don’t like to tell people what to see in my paintings .. . so just come check it out and let me know what you think.

Bonus: if you drop by Venus Envy on Saturday, February 6th you’ll get to partake in their 9th birthday celebrations!  Enjoy the artwork and stick around for prizes, cupcakes and 20% off every toy in the store.


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