Free, all-ages bike decorating meet-up

2:30 -4:30pm, Saturday August 18th
Dalhousie Community Centre,  755 Somerset Street West

Get ready for Ottawa’s upcoming Labour Day weekend decorated bike parade.

Bring your 1, 2 or 3-wheeled ride to FestivAsia in Chinatown and create your own custom steamers and nameplate, add spoke decorations and learn about scraper bikes!

Materials provided: scissors, streamer ribbons, reflective sticker sheets etc.


Free to share, download and print:

flyer Danielle Naçu Queen Street V2

image of flyers in french and english

to: Charities Directorate				September 6, 2010  Canada Revenue Agency Ottawa ON K1A 0L5  from: Jenn Farr 59 Louisa Street Ottawa, ON K1R 6Y7  re: Exodus Global Alliance charitable status  Dear Canada Revenue Agency,  Please review the charitable status eligibility of Exodus Global Alliance, registration number 873491849RR0001. I believe Exodus’ activities violate Canada’s rules for tax-exempt, charitable status.   CRA demands that a tax-exempt charities,' "activities and purposes provide a tangible benefit to the public". Exodus Global Alliance fails to provide any benefit. Exodus hurts the Canadian public. Exodus promotes intolerance against anyone who isn't totally heterosexual through statements such as, " the goal is not heterosexuality, it's holiness".   No attempt at treating homosexuality as a disorder has ever been successful. Exodus' "proof" of success is nothing more than biased participant surveys. No reputable, independent studies or research back Exodus' claims of being able to 'pray away The Gay'.  Exodus treats homosexuality and bisexuality as a "mental illness" to be "cured" despite a global expert consensus that homosexuality and bisexuality are not disorders. What is normal and healthy does not need curing.   Exodus Global Alliance does not qualify for charitable status in Canada.  Thank you for your time. I look forward to your response,     ~Jenn Farr~

Anyone else remember Sinead’s controversial 1992 performance?

I was a die-hard SNL fan at the time. I remember
thinking how strong Sinead seemed. She was singing

War acapella, and unflinching to a billion people!
Then, as she sang the word “evil” she held a photo of Pope John Paul to the camera. I only notice now, watching the video 18 years later, that her hand is completely steady. Had it been me I’d have been visibly trembling. Sinead then tore up the photo and demanded we “fight the real enemy”.

In 1992 I was stunned. Not angry – just totally agog at the
gesture. The audience was 100% silent. It was
probably the most shocked I’ve ever been by something I watched on
on television.

18 years later I’m still inspired by Sinead‘s bravery and glad that maybe Catholics are finally ready to listen to Sinead’s message.

My New Pink BUTTon


Original baboon photo courtesy of Sebastian Niedlich (Grabthar)

First seen on Sociological Images. Inspired by comments in JezebelProduct website fails to provide warnings that the product may burn on contact and is likely unsweetened Kool Aid.

I love being part of the “problem”. You can get in on the action here.

Stalin's wife? Fer reals?

noooo! not Nergal!

Pinko commie bastard, eh? Is it the hair?

Czar rhymes with Farr. Coincidence? I think NOT!

Thanks to Tom at Work That Matters for the tip. This is some brilliant internet parody.

After 10 years at Amnesty I’m moving on. My position in Public Engagement will be redundant by the end of June. I’m spending the next few weeks figuring out what I’d like to do next.

Cube Gallery is hosting a Haitian Disaster Art Fundraiser. All funds raised will be going towards Canadian Red Cross relief efforts.


Hosted by Oni the Haitian Sensation
February 9th 2010
6 pm viewing – 8 pm auction

Cube Gallery
7 Hamilton Ave. North

There will be a reception, music, light foods and entertainment.

For more information, contact:

I donated these two 6 inch encaustic works.

Orange #14, 6 inch encaustic painting on wood

Blue #27, 6 inch encaustic painting on wood

Check out my latest art show at Venus Envy!

I’ve dedicated this installation to the Chronic Pain Team at the Ottawa Hospital Rehabilitation Centre. The show features 6 mixed media paintings that I made years ago but never wanted to show publicly, until now.  In the centre I’ve hung an encaustic painting which was completed only a week  ago – just as I *graduated* from the Chronic Pain Management Group Treatment Program.

Until recently, I had been unable to cope with the ever-changing yet constant pain of fibromyalgia. Being admitted to the pain program was like winning the health care lottery.  For 4 weeks I had access to two physiotherapists, a psychologist, an occupational therapist, a vocational therapist, a recreational therapist, a social worker, a medical specialist, a nurse, a pharmacist and a dietitian! Using a collaborative and holistic approach, this group of professionals were able to train me into new habits which will help me live better. I’ve been back to the “real world” for a week now and can honestly say that the program has changed me and the way I experience pain!

The installation I’ve got up at Venus Envy was partly inspired by an art therapy exercise we were invited to do at the Rehab Clinic. I don’t like to tell people what to see in my paintings .. . so just come check it out and let me know what you think.

Bonus: if you drop by Venus Envy on Saturday, February 6th you’ll get to partake in their 9th birthday celebrations!  Enjoy the artwork and stick around for prizes, cupcakes and 20% off every toy in the store.

I had these grandiose plans to blog daily about everything I’ve learned from the Chronic Pain Clinic.. . ..aaand that hasn’t happened. Surprise! I’m already on the last of 4 weeks. This is it.

View the gallery here.