Such a small lump of blood – so much fuss. I’m off work until March 2nd. I don’t think I’d be in such bad shape now if 2006 hadn’t already spent 12 months battering my physical and emotional health. My teeny embolus is that proverbial straw.

This all means something. Everything that went down in ’06 happened for a reason…

I’m still just wonderin’ what the exact motive is?


Wouldn’t ya know it?

Two-thousand-and-sucks got one more swipe at me on the way out. December 18th I ended up in the hospital with a pulmonary embolism. A blood clot had gotten lodged in my lower right lung causing much pain. Who knew that lungs had nerve endings? I sure as heck-fire didn’t. I could hardly breathe it was so harsh. Even worse, this thing can kill – literally! Luckily it’s a small clot, luckily I’m now getting excellent medical care, luckily I’m off the hydromorphone (it made me even loopier than usual).

But I’m still knackered. My doctor sez I’m off work until at least the end of January. I spend a lotta time on the couch so my art is suffering. Ah well. At least I lived to see the New Year.

And thank FREAKIN’ GOD it’s a new year! I blame the whole Gregorian calendar and expect 2007 to shower me with fame, fortune & critical acclaim all the while whittling a few dress sizes off my expanded frame. I’ve earned it all!!! Sheesh.