Therapy: MeMe Roth


Know what? I’m fat. I ain’t happy about it, but I’m fat. I gained 60 pounds in less than 3 years thanks to a pulmonary embolism, depression and fibromyalgia complicated by type 3 Ehlers Danlos and an inoperable hiatus hernia.

I am coming to terms with the possibility that my body may never feel *good* again. I’m almost ok with being in constant physical pain and discomfort because my stomach pokes up into my chest cavity, my body won’t process collagen correctly and my flesh feels like one giant, hypersensitive bruise. I don’t need others to make me feel like crap. I already feel like crap, thanks.

Believe me, I do not intend, nor have I ever intended to keep gaining weight or further compromise my health. Stop yourself right there if you think you have ‘advice’ for me. I know that advice can be well-meaning – but it’s usually ignorant and insensitive. Would you ask a cancer patient if they’ve tried chemo? Would you tell an asthmatic to, ‘just breathe already’? It’s pretty-much the same as asking me if I’ve tried ‘X’ ‘Y’ or ‘Z’ weight loss *solution*. If life were so simple – health workers would never fall ill. >.<

I. Am. Fat. I have been trying to get fit and lose weight for a while now. Most of the time I’m ok. Sometimes I’m not. This morning I was not ok. All night I had dreams of MeMe Roth’s recent ‘size 24 pants’ publicity stunt . I wear size 24. I have no choice. Its either that or go to work naked.

Meredith Clements (aka MeMe Roth) seeks the spotlight by shaming anyone who’s not a size zero. Her mission is to make an already uncomfortable personal situation unbearable. Her definition of ‘overweight’ is dangerously absurd. Her demands that women fit into their wedding dress for the rest of their lives is cruel, misogynist, heternormative, presumptuous and practically impossible.

Legitimate health professionals must begin speaking out against this attention-starved publicist professing to be an ‘obesity expert’.

In the mean time, I am lucky to have a supportive husband.

… and mad cathartic photoshop skillz!!