Anyone else remember Sinead’s controversial 1992 performance?

I was a die-hard SNL fan at the time. I remember
thinking how strong Sinead seemed. She was singing

War acapella, and unflinching to a billion people!
Then, as she sang the word “evil” she held a photo of Pope John Paul to the camera. I only notice now, watching the video 18 years later, that her hand is completely steady. Had it been me I’d have been visibly trembling. Sinead then tore up the photo and demanded we “fight the real enemy”.

In 1992 I was stunned. Not angry – just totally agog at the
gesture. The audience was 100% silent. It was
probably the most shocked I’ve ever been by something I watched on
on television.

18 years later I’m still inspired by Sinead‘s bravery and glad that maybe Catholics are finally ready to listen to Sinead’s message.


My New Pink BUTTon


Original baboon photo courtesy of Sebastian Niedlich (Grabthar)

First seen on Sociological Images. Inspired by comments in JezebelProduct website fails to provide warnings that the product may burn on contact and is likely unsweetened Kool Aid.